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Fioru Software Solutions is committed to the digitisation of documentation for track and trace of training and programme delivery for evidence-based improvement. We work in a true partnership with our clients. This helps us build an extensive knowledge of the education and training industry. 

Fioru Software Solutions was established in 2016 to bring digital intelligence to quality training and programme management. With over 50 years of experience, the firm is led by a senior team of professionals with deep domain knowledge, business acumen and in-house tech credentials for secure and scalable solutions.

Business is never static and, as the market changes, so do we. We want you to succeed. Our clients’ success is our success and we will do everything we can professionally to help you meet your business goals.

Our products are data focused, unlike LMS or E-Learning products, and this, coupled with our loyalty and commitment to our clients, are the differentiators that have marked Fioru Software Solutions. Our team is highly trained and enthusiastic and we pride ourselves on being up to date on all developments within our areas of expertise.

Frequently asked questions

Enterprise solutions can be built on client servers. Our Saas products are 100% Cloud based hosted on Google Cloud Servers. All data is served over HTTPS and all Users need to be logged into the Application. Our Saas Veri operates a 5 tier User Management system – Super Admin / Admin / Mentor / Tutor / Student. This results in Users only seeing and having access to data that they are entitled to see.

Users are authenticated with an email address and password. Once setup on the Application by a Super Admin, a User will receive an email with an auto generated password which will give them access to the system. All passwords are encrypted and only the User themselves have access to this password. If they forget the password they can use the ‘Forgot Password’ functionality to send them details on how to setup a new one. If a User fails to login 5 times in a row due to incorrect password, we automatically lock their account.

Our servers and data are hosted within Cloud based infrastructure located in Dublin. Our production environment is locked down by IP Security Groups which means that only certain IP addresses have access to both our code base and database. Google’s infrastructure has certification for compliance with ISO27001, 27017 and 27018. All data is backed up securely twice daily basis.

Users are added and removed to the system by the Super Admin of the Account. All new users receive a login email, which is generated by a third party software company named Mandrill. This ensures that any emails generated within the Veri application are 100% delivered and tracked for bounces etc.

Veri retains data indefinitely – however all Customers have access to and are entitled to receive the data if they request it. Alternatively if a Customer wishes to delete certain data we have no problem in doing this also.

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